We offer a wide range of incubators to fit any need your lab may have.

This includes shaking incubators, digital or analog, full size or benchtop, and heating & cooling.


Benchmark_MyTempMini-500x500 Benchmark_Incushaker-500x500 Benchmark_MyTempMiniCo2-500x500
Benchmark Mini Incubator Benchmark Mini Shaking Incubator Benchmark Mini CO2 Incubator


Eppendorf_Excella-500x500 BenchMark_MyTemp-500x500 Benchmark_SureTemp-500x500
Eppendorf Excella E24 Incubated Shaker Benchmark 65HC Heating & Cooling Incubator  Benchmark 40L, 70L, 130L SureTemp Incubator


     Items Below Come with Choice of FREE Mini Digital Incubator     

     or FREE MiniMag Mini Magnetic Stirrer, Digital Hotplate & Mini Tube Rotator     


BenchMark_ST-45l_Co2_Plus-500x500 BenchMark_ST-45l_Co2-500x500 BenchMark_10LR-Refrigerated-Shaking-Incubator-500x500 BenchMark_Benchmark-Mini-CO2-Shaking-Incubator-500x500

Benchmark 45L CO2

Incubator & Incubator Plus

Benchmark 180L CO2

Incubator & Incubator Plus

Benchmark 10L Shaking Incubator & 10LR Refrigerated Shaking Incubator

Benchmark Mini CO2

Shaking Incubator


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