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Oxford_VMD_All-500x500 S4P-D Promotion Kit

Oxford VM-D

Includes Choice of Microcentrifuge, Mini Vortexer, or Tubes

BenchMate Plate Shaker

Includes Centrifuge Tubes & Reagent Resevoirs


Free Microcentrifuge FREE C12V CAPP Expell Micro Tubes
BenchMate Tube Roller Capp Expell Microcentrifuge Tubes


Oxford_C8-500x500 Buy 1 MS1 Get 1 FREE  Accupet_Pipette-500x500 - Copy

Oxford Mini Centrifuge


BenchMate Magnetic Stirrer


Accupet Pipettes 


CAPP_Bravo-500x500 Oxford Lab Products Centrifuge Tubes CAPP_Serological-500x500
CAPP Bravo Pipettes Oxford Centrifuge Tube Bundle

CAPP Serologicals


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