BrandTech® specializes in providing labs with convenient,

reliable tools to help researchers get their work done efficiently, comfortably, and safely.

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BrandTech_TransferpetteSingle-500x500_V2 BrandTech_Controller-500x500_V2 BrandTech_TransferpetteMulti-500x500_V2 BrandTech_BottleTop-500x500 BrandTech_Microplate-500x500
Transferpette S Pipettes Macro Pipet Controller Transferpette S Multichannel Pipette BrandTech Bottle-Top Dispenser BrandTech Microplate


BrandTech_PDTips-500x500 BrandTech_EPipette-500x500 BrandTech_Repeater-500x500 BrandTech_BVC-500x500 BrandTech_VacuumPump-500x500
BrandTech PD-Tip Syringe Pipette Tips BrandTech Transferpette Electronic Pipette Accu-jet Motorized Controllers BrandTech Fluid Aspiration System BrandTech Vacuum Pump


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